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Thursday, January 18, 2018

December Favorites

Hey Guys,
I can't believe we are already half way through January! I have been pretty behind on blog posts and videos. The holiday break got me off track then I got sick. I haven't been super motivated to get all of these videos edited that I have filmed over the past month. It takes so much time and I have been enjoying laying on the couch watching movies instead of glued to my computer every night. I wish there were more hours in a day to do both but for me, it's not realistic. I get out of work at 5:30 p.m. and don't get home until almost 6:00 p.m. (which is way less of a commute than most people in MA). By the time I work out, cook dinner, and sit down its already 7:30-8:00 at night. The last couple of hours before bed I am making lunch, showering, laundry etc so it really doesn't leave much time for blogging/YouTube, looking for a new job, AND relaxing. That being said, I have a TON of reviews I need to get to writing. Many of them are Tarte but I have a handful of other brands as well. I have been trying so many new products lately that I had a hard time picking just a few items to discuss. Check out my video below to see what I was loving last month!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Hey Guys!
Today I'm sharing a giveaway that I have going on with my friend Molika (Simply Sovann). We decided to do a joint giveaway and have been saving products for the past couple of months. We both created videos talking about the giveaway and showing the prizes. Check out our videos below to see all of the items. Rules are below.  Enter through the Rafflecopter! Good luck!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Review: L'Oreal Elvive Color Vibrancy Repair & Protect Balm*

Hey Guys,
Influenster send me the  L'Oreal Elvive Color Vibrancy Repair & Protect Balm a while back and I wanted to share my thoughts. Keep reading to hear what I thought of this hair mask!

L'Oreal Elvive Color Vibrancy Repair & Protect Balm
 Here is what is said about this product on the L'Oreal site:
"L'Oreal Paris Color Vibrancy Intensive Post-Color Repair Mask is both powerful and luxurious. This intensive post-color repair hair treatment smooths and protects hair color and is specially formulated for dry, damaged hair and color treated hair to repair visible damage from processing in 1 use."

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Review: PUR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Palette

Hey Guys,
I'm finally ready to share my thoughts on the PUR Soiree Diaries Palette. I got this in one of my BoxyCharm quite some time ago. Originally, this palette didn't really interest me and I was going to save it for a giveaway.A few of you mentioned that you wanted to see a review of the palette.   I decided to give it a try and boy was I happy that I did. Keep reading to hear about this palette!

PUR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Palette
Here is what is said about this palette on the PUR site:
"The pro secret is out! Creating a flawless eye look is super simple if you have the perfect mix of neutral, copper and bronze shades handy. Now you can turn everyday and night into a soiree with this super versatile 12-piece eye shadow collection. Filled with highly pigmented and silky smooth shadows, the four versatile matte shades, four satin shades and four shimmers work flawlessly together for all skin tones. Super blendable and anything but basic, this essential palette takes the guesswork out of your eye look. Just use the colors in the vertical rows from top to bottom for highlight, definition and drama."

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Review: Borghese Fango Mud Masks and Restorative Eye Sheet Mask*

Hey Guys,
Today I'm going to share my thoughts on some Borghese skincare products that were sent to me. I reviewed some of the make products a while back which you can check out HERE. Below I will be sharing my thoughts on the eye masks and two of their mud masks. Keep reading to hear more about these products!

Borghese Fango Mud Masks and Restorative Eye Sheet Mask

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Review: BoxyCharm December 2017 & Limited Edition Box

Hey Guys,
Happy New Year! I had over a week off after Christmas and had all these plans to get stuff done before going back to work after the new year.  While I did get some things done, I have been super sick for the past few days and it has halted my blog work. I have a ton of reviews to bang out but right now I need to focus on feeling better so that I can do so. Unit then, this is the long awaited  review of my BoxyCharm for December and the Limited Edition Box. For those of you unfamiliar with BoxyCharm, it is a monthly beauty subscription box. You receive 4-5 FULL SIZED products each month. The subscription is $21.00 a month and usually has a theme.  The theme for December was "Glitz & Glam". I wasn't super excited about this box at first glance but I did know that most items would get used. I also will be talking about the infamous Limited Edition box and the items I received in that box!  Check out my video below to hear my thoughts on each product. Keep reading to check out the featured brand discount codes this month.

BoxyCharm December 2017 & Limited Edition Box

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Tutorial:Tarteist Pro Palette Teal Metallic Look

Hey Guys,
Today I'm going to share another eye makeup tutorial that I did using the Tarte Tarteist Pro Palette. I decided to go for a more dramatic smokey look with a touch of color. Check out my video below to see the look that I created! 

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